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Upgrade Tier 1

Buy First Premium plan with 0.009BTC & get 30% Extra affiliate Earning.


Upgrade Tier 2

Buy Second Premium plan with 0.09BTC & get 40% Extra affiliate Earning.


Upgrade Tier 3

Buy Third Premium plan with 0.99BTC & get 50% Extra affiliate Earning.


Upgrade Tier 4

Buy Fourth Premium plan with 4.99BTC & get 100% Extra affiliate Earning.


Free Referral Programme

Join the Multiminer referral programs and you will receive a 20% bonus for every referral that signs ups and actively participates in our program. Earning rate of free mining package is 0.00000001BTC/min and you will able to mine Profit per day 0.00001440/BTC. For extra income start referring miners to our site. You can share your referral link to any social media sites, forums, mining platforms, personal blogs ETC.

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* Once your total active deposit amount reaches 1 BTC or more, your affiliate commission is automatically updated to 10%, you don't need to contact us. In case your active deposits descends below 1 BTC, affiliate commission automatically downgrades to 5%.

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